Advantages Of Using Parker Garage Doors

Parker Garage Doors has been around for decades. The company started in 1933 by Frank Parker and operated out of his home. The doors were designed to withstand the harshest of weather and to keep the garage safe from thieves and others on the street. Frank Parker loved his invention and made every effort to keep his company in business. Because of this dedication, Parker Garage Doors has flourished and has become one of the best selling doors in the country.

Two teenagers were repairing a garage door at their friend’s house. One of the boys went to the garage and noticed a problem with the door. It was falling apart. The door could not open properly and snap in half. That is when they called Parker Garage Door in the middle of the night and they were able to send an engineer to the scene the next day.

The engineer showed them some information on how the door works. They were very excited when they saw the problem. The repair was simple and most of all it was fast. The two teens were very glad that they did not have to call an expensive garage door repairman. They were very glad that the cost of this repairman cost less than the cost of replacing the entire door.

The repairman sent a replacement door to the home and within twenty-four hours after the garage door was functioning like new again. He sent it out again the following day. It was so easy to fix this problem. It was only cost effective. They were very impressed and had the replacement door mounted to the garage the next day.

Parker Garage Doors offers a large variety of doors in their inventory. There are aluminum doors that will keep the coolers in the garage nice and toasty. There are vinyl doors that will keep the warmth in during the winter. There are also steel doors that provide security for your car and home. These doors are an affordable way to provide security and are great looking as well. Some of the steel doors are insulated, which means that you can purchase a door with energy saving features.

There are other things that make Parker Garage Doors a great choice. Their doors come in many different styles that will match almost any garage. They even offer custom garage door options that will help you make the garage door blend in even more. No matter what you need to secure in your garage, there will be a style and model of door that will meet your needs perfectly. You can have a custom door made up of whatever you desire.

There are many benefits of using Parker Garage Doors. The company is very professional and always willing to help a customer. They do provide customer service every step of the way from installation to delivery. In the event that there is something wrong with your doors or you need a repair man; they will be there to assist you. Parker has an excellent return policy; this means that if the door does not work correctly with the mounting plate; you can get a money back guarantee. The warranty is excellent and can last a lifetime.

There are a few disadvantages of installing Parker Doors. The pricing may be more expensive than regular doors; however, the security is excellent. The company does provide free home delivery but will charge delivery fees. Overall, this is a great company to give you a security system, garage door, and any other security items you may need.